It’s easy, especially with larger fences that require more material (and, therefore, more money) to instantly jump to trying to save money by purchasing poor quality fence materials for your residential fence. Philadelphia, PA residents should be weary of doing this, as it provides an easy way to end up losing out on thousands of dollars by replacing a poor quality wood residential fence. Philadelphia company, Pinecrest Fence Company, tells you why you should invest in good quality materials.

1.Make it Last!

When you buy poor quality wood for your residential fence, Philadelphia homeowners then have to deal with a likely chance of splitting wood, rotting wood, or other negative things that come with installing a fence made out of low quality wood materials. When you install a residential fence, Philadelphia, PA homeowners are making an investment into their property. It is wise to “do it right the first time” so you don’t have to do it again a second time. Point being: high quality materials last longer than low quality materials.

2.Make it Beautiful!

High quality fence materials also mean a more beautiful residential fence. Philadelphia homeowners take pride in their home and property, so it is important to install a high quality fence to make it look beautiful. When installing a residential fence, Philadelphia, PA natives , Pinecrest Fence Company, only use the highest quality materials.

3.Make it Easy!

Using a high quality wood makes staining your fence easy. With less knots and other factors to hinder the stain going on smoothly, you get a quick and easy stain application so you don’t have to worry about the elements wearing away at your beautiful new fence. Make it easy and get good materials!


No matter what type of fence you choose to install, Philadelphia company, Pinecrest Fence Company, can help. We do vinyl, wood, chain link, split rail, picket fences, and more. Give us a call today for a free quote!

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