Pools are great, but they’re considered attractive nuisances for a reason. You aren’t the only one who would like to take a dip in your pool. For privacy reasons, as well as safety concerns, you must have a great fence for your pool. So what are some things you should consider when choosing the design for your fence?

Legal Requirements

The regulations governing pool fences vary from state to state, so if you aren’t familiar with the ones for Philadelphia pools, that’s something you should address before having a pool installed. Pools in Philadelphia that have more than 24 inches of water are legally required to have a 48-inch fence around them . Installing a fence means you’ll need to check things like zoning codes and property lines to make sure it’s getting put in where it should. It’s a lot of research, so make sure you give yourself the time to do it right.

Choosing Latches and Locks

For many pools, specifically in-ground pools, your fence will be required to feature a self-closing and latching gate for safety purposes. There are lots of different styles of latches and locks you can choose from. Take into account the presence of children in both your home and the area, as well as the level of technology you want to be working with when choosing your latch. Whatever type of latch or lock you choose, make sure you have something worked out so any pool professionals who need to access your pool can do so to perform different pool maintenance tasks .

What to Have Your Fence Made From

There are multiple options when it comes to choosing what to have your fence made of. Aluminum, glass, wrought iron, wood, and mesh are some of the most popular fencing materials, each with its own pros and cons . The cost and aesthetic you hope to achieve will likely be the primary determining factors in which one you choose. Whatever your choice, make sure that the design won’t allow children or pets to climb the fence or get through.

You need your pool to have a fence, but you don’t have to just go with a generic fence option unless you want to. When choosing your fence’s design, make sure you take your local legal requirements into account and carefully select both the latch and what your fence is made from. That will help you choose one that will be a good fit for both you and your pool.

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