There are many working and moving pieces that have to ft together just right in order to pull off a successful and memorable event. Whether it is a concert, community event, party, conference, convention, or some other big gathering, planning is critical for the event to be a success. There is one aspect of this planning that many people do not think about or if they do they tend to overlook the value it has- portable fences. At Pinecrest Fencing Company we know how important this can be and wanted to highlight three basic ways you can use our temporary fence rental services for your event:

  • Block off certain areas. At any event you have planned there will likely be areas you do not want people to go or areas you want to block off from the general public. Portable fences offer a user-friendly option that can help you block areas off and keep people from wandering where they shouldn’t and keeps your workers and crew in their areas as well. Our temporary fence rentals are perfect for designating no-go areas for your big event so everyone stays safe!
  • Direct and control the flow of traffic. For events that will draw a large number of people, traffic flow and the paths people take to get from point A to point B may be critical. Temporary fencing can work like a barricade and they can be set up to direct people on where to go and what path to take. This can be especially useful for the entrance and exits of the event or areas where traffic congestion can get very heavy and backlogged with the walkways are not clearly marked!
  • Provides safety and added security. Temporary fence rentals are a great way to help event organizers provide additional safety security measures for everyone working at and attending an event. They can shield guests of honor, give your crew places to get away, allow for backstage access by stagehands, provide holding areas for stage props, and keep storage areas and supplies safely controlled as well. Portable fencing is a must for optimal safety and security at your event!

To find out more about temporary fence rentals and how they can make your event better give us a call today! We here at Pinecrest Fencing Company would love the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your plans for your event. We can assist with your planning and can give your fencing and barricades you need to ensure your event is a success. Call us now to get started!

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