Your front garden is beautiful. After years of work, the hedges, shrubs, trees and flower beds are in full growth creating spots of color, shape, and shade. But it’s missing something. How much better would it look with a wood fence to define borders while increasing your privacy? When you have a Philadelphia residential fence installation completed, you improve the value and appearance of your home and castle.

Pickets or Spindles

Which design to you pick? If you’re looking to add some decorative definition to the roadside, a lovely picket fence can be the perfect choice. It can create a low border that defines your property, edges flower beds and creates height for your bed of creeping ivy. Pickets are nailed to horizontal boards strung between the posts and require careful attention to ensure even spacing, height and shape. If you choose spindles for your residential fence , you’ll end up with a more contemporary appearance as the spindles are mounted between the top and bottom rail. There’s still light passing through, but the rails create a horizontal line in your organic back drop of green.

Lattice or Shadowbox

Are you trying to build a more private area in the back yard? A shadowbox fence has wood boards attached to both the front and back of the fence, creating an attractive barrier for both you and your neighbors. The off-set of the boards allows some light and wind to pass through. A lattice installation is a less expensive installation for your Philadelphia residential fence , but will offer little separation of spaces until your hedges grow and its green branches pass through and around the little boxes. But it is a great option when you’re improving the yard on a budget.

Stockades or Split Rail

Both of these fencing options sound old-fashioned, but provide two ct purposes. Split rails recall open farmland with ragged posts and rails providing a visual border between two fields. It uses the least amount of material from any other fence, but doesn’t create much of a physical barrier beyond the visible. They’re great for kids and roses to climb on. Now, a stockade will provide complete privacy in an easy to install fencing option. The posts and rails are installed and then each picket is nailed on creating a solid privacy fence for short money. Usually built out of economically friendly wood, they’re a great option for pool enclosures.

For a full selection of residential fence options, talk to your fencing company. They’ll be happy to survey your property and suggest just the right look for your needs and budget.

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