Creating a beautiful home is a process that requires you to take into account many different elements of house design. For example, the best residential fencing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania can ensure that your home is safe from invaders and also provide a unique decorative option that makes your yard more engaging and memorable. The following fencing options are some of the most popular that we install in the area. If you are interested in any, read on to find out how they can help you out.

Wood Fencing – A Popular Residential Option

A growing number of homes with residential fencing choose wooden fences. There are a number of reasons that wood remains such a popular choice. First of all, wood is very attractive and typically creates a natural look that you can’t get from other types of care options. Just as importantly, this type of fence is also very strong and can last a long time, as long as you buy high-quality wood that is treated to protect it against various types of decay and water wear problems that may occur.

However, wood does have downsides that must be considered before a purchase. For example, they are often among the most expensive options available because the materials are quite pricey. And the unique process of installing wood fences can also take longer to handle than other types of fences, which adds to the price. And you need to make sure to keep them painted and sealed or they may end up decaying – maintenance is a must with this common type of home fence.

Aluminum Fencing – Increasingly Popular

Although you may not think of aluminum fencing as being particularly attractive, it does have a unique metal look that can be quite appealing when combined with the right home. For example, houses with a more modern design sensibility may be quite attractive with an aluminum fence. This benefit isn’t the only reason why this fencing option has become so popular – they are also relatively free of any major maintenance and do not rust, which helps them last a lot longer than most.

However, residential fencing experts will warn you that this type of fence doesn’t have the kind of strength that you commonly see in other types of metal fences. That lack of excessive strength can make aluminum fencing an unattractive option for those in bad neighborhoods who want to keep their home as safe as possible. Thankfully, painting up the fence should be enough to keep it strong and attractive, which makes it a good inexpensive option for those who don’t mind the downturn in security.

Wrought Iron Fencing – An Old-School Style That is Tough to Top

People who own brick or stone homes may want to pair up this old-school design with a wrought iron fence. This option is a good choice for those people because they are very attractive, engaging, strong, and create an old-school look that you can’t get with other types of metals. Even aluminum doesn’t have the same type of strength and style as this type of fence. Think of it, then, as an upgrade on aluminum to get an idea of why it might be a good choice for your needs.

That said, wrought iron does have drawbacks that must be kept in mind. For example, they require a lot more upkeep them most fences because they may be prone to rust and other types of problems. By carefully sanding and repainting the fence every three years, you should be able to keep it strong, though. And don’t forget – this type of fence will be more expensive than other types, though its strong metal surface will help to make it one of the best security options for many homes.

PVC Fencing – The Cheapest Way to Protect Your Yard

If money is a problem for your residential fencing search, you may want to consider PVC. Those who don’t have a huge budget often utilize this option because it replaces more expensive wooden stakes and pickets with strong PVC posts. These posts may sometimes go over wooden ones to make them sturdier and less prone to damage. However, other types are made entirely of PVC, which makes them easy to upgrade because PVC is very strong and resilient to weathering damage.

However, PVC fencing is not exactly an attractive or natural style for many homes. Though you can paint and even stain PVC to changes its look, it has an artificial and cheap look that may detract from your home’s beauty. That doesn’t mean that you can’t create some attractive looks with PVC, however. You just need to take a little extra time working on its exterior to ensure that it doesn’t stand out too much and matches your home’s beauty in a way that feels natural and smooth.

Vinyl Fencing – Among the Strongest Types of Fencing Available

Lastly, we know that a large number of people have been coming to us and asking about vinyl fencing for their home. This relatively new option is a unique choice for a number of reasons. First of all, it is five-times stronger than wood fencing and more flexible than just about any other option. In this way, they can resist a large amount of damage and stay strong in the face of just about any weathering concern. And they have a very low maintenance cost that makes them very easy to afford.

And that lower maintenance is essential because vinyl residential fencing is by no means cheap. Though it isn’t as expensive as some options – such as most types of wood and iron – it does cost more than SOME types of wood and most aluminum options. As a result, it is usually a tougher choice for some to justify initially. However, this may be a great option anyway because vinyl fences are so easy to maintain – an occasional washing is all that is necessary – which keeps their costs down.

How We Can Help You Succeed

At Pinecrest Fence Company, we have years of experience working with Philadelphia, Pennsylvania residential fencing and understand the unique demands that you may experience. For example, your ground may be weaker in some areas and unable to stay strong against the wear and tear of various types of metal posts. No matter what the case, though, we’ll do what we can to help you succeed. So please don’t hesitate to contact us today right away to learn more about how we can help you.

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