When shopping for fencing, you probably are dreaming of a white picket or wrought iron gracing your front yard. However, when you check the price of the residential fence Philadelphia has in stock, you put on the brakes. However, you don’t have to install that pricey fencing around all four side of the yard. Cut your costs by half or more by mixing your materials.

Use Wood or Vinyl Panels for Street Frontage

Spend your money on a residential fence where it counts. Find the wood or vinyl fence panels that best complement your home and install that facing the street. The gates for the front walk and driveway will also raise the price. You might be surprised at how much you save by skipping the large gate.

Chain Link Encloses the Back Yard on a Budget

The chain link residential fence Philadelphia is known for creates a sturdy barrier that won’t break your bank account. It’s especially useful if your property is surrounded by shrubs and trees where the landscaping is noticed more than the fencing material. You will spend less than a third on chain link compared to wood.

Make the Change on the Corner

For the cleanest break in your residential fence , make the change from panels to chain link at the corner of the yard. Hide the alteration with a shrub. Your visitors will never notice that your yard is mismatched, only professionally maintained and secure. That is the goal when searching for a fencing solution.

For more recommendations on how to enclose your property, give Pinecrest Fence a call today.

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