Fences for businesses come in many types, including metal and wood. Picking between these two is often a tough choice due to their many benefits. Thankfully, the best commercial fencing in the Greater Philadelphia area, Bucks County, or Montgomery County can help. And at Pinecrest Fence Company, we provide both metal and wood fencing options for your needs. So please read on to learn more about these types and to decide which is probably the best choice for your overall fencing needs.

Why You Should Try Wood Fences

The following benefits are all common among the different types of wood fences from which you can choose on the market. Make sure that you take the time to examine all of your different options here to ensure that you get the best results. And understand that the benefits here may be shared with some types of metal fencing and that the downsides are often contrasted by the unique benefits that metal fencing may offer to your business. So please read carefully to make a smart choice.

Multiple Type Options

Wood fencing is an excellent choice for commercial businesses that want an attractive option for their commercial fencing. That’s because it looks more natural than metal fences and provides a surprising array of style variety. For example, you can get board-on-board options, split rails, spaced boards, pickets, stockades, paddocks, and much more to keep people out of your facility.

And this says nothing to the diversity of the wood textures themselves. For example, you can pick from options like redwood to produce a very sturdy and reliable option. Likewise, you can choose pine for a durable but less expensive choice. Ultimately, you have more choices with wood than you do with metal, which might be the deciding factor for businesses concerned with their stylistic appearance.

Environmentally Friendly

If you are concerned about the environment, wood fences are the best choice for you. They are designed to withstand a broad array of damage problems while minimizing their environmental impact. Many types are made with recycled or reused wood, which means that you’ll rarely run into the same kind of waste that you might when you use metal or other types of fences.

Just as importantly, wood fences don’t utilize the same kind of chemicals that may be used on metal fences. While you do need to add sealants and even paint to your wood, these can be natural items and not cause damage to the environment. As a result, anybody looking to decrease their impact on the environment and expand their green status may want to consider these fences as the best choice for their needs.

Easy to Install

Lastly, wood fences are among the most natural types to install on the market. Many business owners can install this type of commercial fencing on their own with minimum fuss. Typically, the most available types to install are horizontal options, and the taller you go, the more difficult the installation becomes. That said, you shouldn’t have a hard time handling this process on your own if you want.

But if you don’t want to install your fences, professionals can help and make your fences stronger. Professional installation is often a good choice if you’re unsure of how to handle this process and want to make sure that it is done right. You should also consider this choice if your commercial fences in the past have been self-installed and were not adequately handled by you or your workers.

Reasons to Try Metal Fencing

Although wood fencing provides a gorgeous exterior that less attractive metal fences cannot top, metal still has many exciting benefits. The following advantages all make metal an engaging choice for many businesses and will keep them very protected. The ultimate choice between the two falls on which of the benefits appeal to you the most for your business needs.

Longer-Lasting Life

Although wood fencing costs less to install than metal types, the latter class may ultimately be the most cost-effective commercial fencing type. How is that possible? Well, metal fences last for years longer than wood – sometimes even as long as a decade or longer – because they are designed to be stronger, more durable, and will ultimately last longer than wooden fences, thereby driving down their cost.

Even better, metal fencing is also easier to maintain than wood because it doesn’t run into many of the same problems. For example, rust is impossible on aluminum fences and can be prevented on other types of metals with a rust sealant. As a result, they can decrease your fencing costs even more and save you real money that you would otherwise have had to pay on maintenance.


Offer Much More Security

Although wood fences are usually strong enough to withstand a pretty broad array of different damaging elements, they are not quite as strong as metal fences. As a result, metal may provide you with more security benefits than wood. That’s because they will be harder to break through and will withstand sustained attacks on their surface more quickly than wood or other fence options.

In fact, many thieves may look at a metal fence and pass it by because they have no interest in trying to break past it. This kind of deterrent benefit is enormous for companies that have a lot of money, such as banks or other financial institutions. Just as importantly, these fences can protect against various types of unexpected break-in problems and keep a business’ inventory safe from theft.

Surprising Design Flexibility

While metal may not be the most attractive commercial fencing option, that doesn’t mean it has to be ugly or unappealing. A growing number of metal fence types are quite good looking and designed to be very stylistically diverse. In this way, you can ensure that you get the most from your fencing and its aesthetics at the same time.

For example, you can choose metal types, such as aluminum or steel, each of which has a slightly different look. Other design options to consider include spires on top of the fence posts and other aspects that make them look sharp and interesting. As a result, it is worth considering this option if a natural style isn’t appropriate for your business look.

The Best Types of Fencing for Your Business

As you can see, choosing between metal and wood commercial fencing in the Greater Philadelphia area, Bucks County, and Montgomery Countytakes a little time and consideration. Thankfully, we at Pinecrest Fence Company can help. Our professionals have years of experience working in their field and will take the time necessary to ensure you get the best fences installed for your property.

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