If you are looking to install a fence with a gate, the best fence companies Philadelphia has to offer are a wise investment. Many people think that they can install a gated fence without problems. While that may be true, they also run the risk of installing the gate improperly. This issue can be a major concern and can be avoided by calling fence companies to do it for you.

How Gates Are Installed Improperly

People installing their fences may make the mistake of improperly installing a gate. How does this happen? They don’t line up the side panels correctly and make the gate uneven. Even worse, they may end up installing the gate at an angle that causes it to open or close without any help. As a result, the gate can wear down quickly and ruin its effectiveness.

Installing Them Properly

When installing gates without the help of fencing companies Philadelphia residents trust, you need to make sure that you have at least a one-inch gap on each side of the gate. This distance creates a gap of two inches that is more than enough to open and close it. You also need to make sure it is level, has an inch of clearance above the ground, and doesn’t swing open or slam shut for no reason.

So if you are having trouble getting your gate installed and need help, contact fencing companies near you and have them do it for you. While it will cost a little bit more to have this process done for you, it will help save even more money on repair and replacement costs. That makes it a wise investment that any homeowner should be willing to choose.

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