When homeowners consider using fencing, what reasons do they use? Here at Pinecrest Fence Company, we’ve kept track of our customers’ needs. Some of the common reasons they’ve given for fencing their properties are:

  • privacy
  • security
  • beauty
  • added home value
  • ordinance requirements
  • traffic control
  • noise reduction

Along with the choice to fence a property is the added maintenance that some fencing can require:

  • painting
  • rust removal
  • warping or bending
  • weathering
  • ordinance limitations

Many times a wooden fence or a metal chain link fence will not work for a specific situation. Perhaps the property owner has these issues:

  • Wood needs regular applications of paint or stain; it warps, rots, and grows mold and mildew.
  • Metal fences can look too commercial or industrial when a home needs to look classy and beautiful.
  • Both need a certain amount of upkeep and maintenance.
  • Some HOA requirements set limits on styles of fencing.

The solution is using vinyl fencing that serves the needs of a homeowner and remains beautiful for a long time to come. For vinyl fencing Philadelphia can depend upon, trust in Pinecrest Fence Company. We offer a great selection of fencing materials and we’d like to highlight the appeal of vinyl fencing in particular.

  • Vinyl fencing has been available for many years yet it continues to provide a modern, clean look to any property.
  • Vinyl is far easier to care for than metal or wood.
  • Vinyl fencing allows for a classic appeal that mimics the traditional look of wood without the worry about painting or the effects of weathering.
  • Vinyl is more cost effective than metal fencing.
  • Vinyl often meets local ordinance requirements better than other fencing choices.

If you’re considering fencing your property but haven’t been inspired by the idea of chain link fences around your land, or if wooden fencing requires more upkeep than you want to invest in, then seriously consider the ease and convenience of quality vinyl fencing. Whether you want to block a view of the neighbors or reduce the noise from a busy street, vinyl fencing Philadelphia uses on a daily basis is at Pinecrest. Visit or contact us today to discuss your needs to:

  • keep kids and pets inside property lines
  • keep stray animals out
  • meet ordinance needs around pools
  • provide security
  • add resale value to a home
  • provide style and beauty to a pond area, gardens, and more

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