Are you a handyman and good with a hammer? When it comes to fence installation, Philadelphia residents often choose to install their fence themselves. There are many good reasons, and some bad, to take on this endeavor. If you feel you are up for the challenge, here are some basic tips for DIY fence installation. Philadelphia, PA residents should read through these before taking this task on!


What is the purpose of your fence installation? Philadelphia residents often desire privacy and security from their fences, so in this case a 6-foot privacy fence would be a good option. For homeowners who are looking for country charm, a split-rail fence is a great option. Make sure you know the purpose of your fence installation, Philadelphia, PA residents have many reasons for installing fences!


For DIY fence installation, Philadelphia residents will want to mark off the areas of their fence, locate their gates, and mark the fence out on graphing paper.


Taking accurate measurements of your fence is extremely important to gathering the necessary supplies and creating a smooth installation. Once you have gathered your measurements, update your graph with the new lengths. You will then want to go to a supplier for fence supplies. Tell them your measurements and they can help you get started.


Before you dig, make sure to call your gas and utility company to make sure you aren’t going to break any lines. You can face serious consequences if you break a gas line under your property. Your supplier should have given you instructions with your fence, make sure to follow these carefully, working one section at a time.


Are you ready take on the task of DIY fence installation? Philadelphia, PA residents have been doing their own fences for years. But if you need any help, Pinecrest Fence Company is just a phone call away!

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