Your business needs the best commercial fencing the greater Philadelphia area, Bucks County, and Montgomery County have to offer. However, you aren’t sure which is the best choice for your unique business needs. The following fence types are all very popular and will provide your company with protection, style, privacy, and much more all at prices that are more than reasonable for your needs.

Welded Steel

Welded steel provides one of the most common, but effective, commercial fencing options for your needs. This type of steel is black – which means it isn’t galvanized – but is instead welded together to make a variety of different fence sections. After these segments are fully welded, they are primed, painted, and installed to make them as attractive as possible for your business needs.

Like all rust fences, though, you may run into problems with rust if you aren’t smart about painting or sealing the steel surface. A polyester powder coat finish should help to keep your welded steel gates as strong as possible. You may also want to clean your fences regularly, as their surface may wear down due to mold, mildew, and other issues that may eat away at the painted surface.

Wrought Iron

If your business is in a fairly rough neighborhood or if your shop has been robbed in the past and you’re worried about it happening again, wrought iron is often the best choice for your needs. These iron fences produce a very imposing look that should scare away most robbers. They are simply too strong to cut, too tall to climb, and very impressive to anybody who might scope out your place.

Just as importantly, wrought iron can be surprisingly attractive in the right circumstances. For example, if you pair wrought iron fences with your facility and stain or paint the metal, you can create an attractive style. Others simply like to leave the fences without stain or paint and create a more royal or upper-class style. Whatever your option, wrought iron makes a good choice for many individuals.


When you think of chain-link fences, you might think of industrial facilities and areas with large, angry, snarling guard dogs. This perception is one that may make this commercial fencing option one that you would rather not consider. However, that is a mistake – chain-link fences are a great choice for a number of reasons and for specific individuals. Fully understanding why can help you make a great buying decision.

For example, those who don’t have a lot of money may appreciate chain-link fences because they are very inexpensive. And while they’re never going to win any style awards, they are quite strong and, if tall enough, hard to get over. Importantly, these fences are also very, very easy to install and take down, which makes them a great choice if you work in a field where you move around a lot.

Galvanized Steel

Commercial fencing should be both strong and attractive to make your business seem like a fun place to visit but also safe. Galvanized steel is one of the best options here because it is among the strongest types available on the market. While some types may be prone to rust if you aren’t careful, a sealant may minimize this risk and improve your chances of building the fence that you facility needs.

For example, some steel fences utilize a zinc coating and machine-punched parts layered with a polyester powder. These elements help to keep your fence from rusting and protect it from other types of weathering elements. Thankfully, these items also come in multiple different styles and looks, which can create a myriad of unique options that make your business more attractive to potential customers.

Ornamental Aluminum

Sometimes, you want your fencing to be as attractive as possible to make your business look more interesting. Ornamental fencing is often the best bet here because it will immediately improve the appearance of your company and enhance its overall style. Just as importantly, these types of fences are often among the strongest available on the market and typically look great for years to come.

Many ornamental fencing options are designed to utilize aluminum alloys that produce a strong and reliable level of protection. Aluminum is a great choice for business fences because they naturally resist rust look great for years, and rarely need much maintenance. As a result, companies that are located on the coast of an ocean or near corrosive chemicals or heavily-polluted areas may enjoy these fences.

Stylized Wood

If you want to create a more natural style, you may want to get a high-quality wood fence installed around your commercial property. While this type of commercial fencing is not among the strongest and most durable option, it does provide many benefits. For example, they are often a good choice if you live next to a residential area and want to fit in with the wood fencing that is so common in these types of areas.

However, you may also want wood fencing simply because you like their style and the way that they look. Unlike some metal fences, too, wood is rather cheap and still provides a high-quality privacy. Parking lots are often a great place to add these fences because they give your customers and your employees protection, privacy, and safety in a way that is comfortable and relaxing.

Automatic Gates

This type of business fence isn’t so much focused on the material options but the design. For example, automatic gates will open when people with a certain passcode or keycard come to your facility. Some gates may even automatically scan the car or simply open up whenever anybody drives up. These gates offer a myriad of benefits that make them a great choice for a large number of businesses.

For example, you can protect sensitive information or expensive items by limiting who can and cannot come into your facility. Automatic gates are also a great choice if you have a parking garage and you want to control who parks at your company. This option may also require you to hire a security guard to operate the fence, though this varies depending on the design of the gate and your security and privacy needs.

Getting the Fencing That You Want

So if you need high-quality commercial fencing in the greater Philadelphia area, Bucks County, or Montgomery County , please don’t hesitate to contact us at Pinecrest Fence Company right away to learn more. Our professionals have years of experience working with high-quality fencing and will work hard to ensure that you get the best fence installed around your business perimeter.

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