One of the most durable fencings is the chain link fence Philadelphia has to offer the commercial or residential consumer. A chain link fence can be very plain, or it can be a decorative fence, whatever the property owner feels fits their needs best. A chain link fence is extremely durable but may need to be repainted after a few years.

Q. What features does a chain link fence offer?

  • Chain link fences are cost effective
  • Heights available are four feet to twelve feet
  • Three colors are available

Q. What are the main components of chain link fences?

  • Corner post; terminal post; end post
  • Line posts
  • Top Rail
  • Chain link fabrics

Q. What color are the posts?

  • Silver
  • Black
  • Green

Q. How deep are the post holes?
A. 36 inches deep, set in concrete

Q. What part of a chain link fence adds strength to the fence?
A. The top rail or pipe which is 1 5/8 inch.

Q. Can the top rail be used for anything else?
A. Yes, the top rail is what holds the chain link fabric

Q. How reliable are these components?
A. Schedule 40 is standard and very secure

Q. Can lesser expensive components be used?
A. Yes, a lower schedule does not affect the fence’s strength

Q. Does this company use galvanized piping?
A. Most certainly

Q. What kind of fabric is available in chain link fences?

  • Galvanized
  • Vinyl coated
  • There is two-inch diamond woven out of 9 gauge galvanized wire

Q. What are the colors in a chain link fence Philadelphia offers?
A. silver, black, and green coated

Q. Can property owners add more security to chain link fencing?
A. Yes.

  • Barbed wire
  • Razor ribbon for eight feet or more chain link fences

Q. A chain link fence provides no privacy. Is there a way to turn a chain link fence into a privacy fence?
A. Yes.

  • PVC slats are weaved into the fabric and secured at the bottom with a strip of PVC.

Q. Do I have a choice where I want the gates installed?
A. Yes and you can request the gate swing open or slide open.

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