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Your Philadelphia Based Professional Fence Company

Pinecrest Fence Company is a full-service, Philadelphia based, professional fence company providing fence and fence installation to homeowners, general contractors, home builders, architects and landscapers throughout the greater Philadelphia area, Bucks County, and Montgomery County. Please check our service areas to see if we provide fence services in your location.

We have an outstanding reputation for service and workmanship and we are capable of providing quality results on any size project. See what some of our customers have said about our residential work.

Pinecrest Fence Company guarantees quality fence installations for many different types and styles of fences. Our comprehensive product selection allows our customers to make educated height, style and material choices to truly best suit their fencing purpose within budgetary limits.

Our team assists our customers with prioritizing the most common reasons for installing a fence:

✓ Security
✓ Beautify the property
✓ Hide an ugly view
✓ Containment: keep children and/or pets safely within your property
✓ Block traffic (driveways, etc.)
✓ Privacy from neighbors
✓ Sound abatement

The Pinecrest Guarantees.

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At Pinecrest Fence we constantly strive to assure professional fence installations. We are actively involved in each phase of the fencing plan. We know who our customers are and what is going on with their project at all times. Our estimators and crews are courteous, knowledgeable, and reliable.

We show up on time, finish the job in a timely manner, and clean up after ourselves. In addition, we are financially stable and carry both liability and workman’s compensation insurance. We are involved in the communities we serve and have knowledge of local building codes.

Our pricing is set to provide you with the best value for all of your residential and commercial fence options. We use the highest quality materials and the best installers available, yet we remain very competitive in the marketplace. We will work with you to provide solutions for your fencing needs. We continue to be the premier fence contractor in Philadelphia and we value our reputation as well as enjoy working in the fence industry. It’s our goal to make that abundantly clear, should you choose to have Pinecrest Fence Company service you with all your fence needs.

Contact us or call us toll free at 215-297-6544 for: insurance certificate, bond, license and/or reference list.

Our Services Include


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No more dreaming. It's time to take action!

Are you day dreaming about converting that eye sore of a backyard into your own beautiful space? You should consider one of our high quality wood or vinyl privacy fences. They are our most popular product, because they have so much to offer! Whether it be containing pets or children, safety reasons, or maybe you'd like to create a barrier while you lounge on a raft in the swimming pool. We don't stop at just privacy fences either! We have split rail, picket, and many other options! All of which can be customized to create the perfect match for your beautiful home. Stop day dreaming, request a quote now, or give us a call! You will not regret it.
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Are you a Do-It-Yourself-er?

We realize that not everyone wants to have a fence professionally installed, or in most cases you just don't have the budget. We totally understand! One thing will always remain constant; you want a great product. 

Pinecrest Fence Company can help! So, you and your guys can handle the installation, and let us help you determine how much fence you need, help you place your order, and arrange for a quick pick up. 

Better yet, if you would like it delivered, we can even arrange that, too! Contact us or call today and we will help you get your fence project underway!

A Philadelphia Fence Company

If you are looking for a fence company to assist in all of your fencing needs, Pinecrest Fence Company, a Philadelphia Fence Company, can help you out. No matter if you are looking for a vinyl or wood residential fence or even a sturdy chain link fence, we are a Philadelphia Fence Company that can provide these services. Offering fast and friendly services, reliable quotes, and a sturdy product, you will be left happy and content with your new fence form a Philadelphia Fence Company who has assisted many customers in their fence building. We can assist you with all of your desired outcomes as well, no matter if your fence is for decorative purposes, privacy and security, or even a temporary fence for crowd control at an event, we have each of these covered and can make sure that your fence meets your every need. No matter what that may be.
Philadelphia Fence Contractor

Why is it important to hire a Philadelphia Fence Contractor? There are many reasons. Knowledge, safety, experience, and a beautiful and appealing fence are just a few of these reasons. Before building, always give your local Philadelphia Fence Contractor, such as our team at Pinecrest Fence Company, a call to make sure you get the best outcome in your new fence.

Q: Why is it not okay to hire just anyone who says they can build a fence?

A: No, you will always want to hire a Philadelphia Fence Contractor. We understand the safety concerns that come with building a fence in the proper areas and have the valuable knowledge and experience to make sure that the fence you have dreamt of becomes a reality. A fence should last you a few decades, so you want to make sure that it is not only made with quality but that it is a beautiful piece of work as well. Don't entrust this huge job to just anyone you can find, leave it to the professionals at Pinecrest Fence Company. While it may save you a few dollars up front, it will cost you a lot of money in repairs or to fix the damage that can be done by an inexperienced individual simply building fences for a quick side buck. Give a Philadelphia Fence Contractor a call today to get a quote.
Philadelphia Fence Companies

Q: What should I look for when checking out various Philadelphia Fence Companies?

A: If your scouting out Philadelphia Fence Companies to build your new fence, you want to look for a few important things. The first is a portfolio. A picture is worth a thousand words and a consistent habit of building beautiful, quality fences is a good indicator that this is the type of product you may receive. You also want to make sure you are working with an established contractor. These professionals know the safety requirements surrounding fence building, and also have a vast amount of experience building a good quality fence. Finally, you want to keep a close eye on their customer service. You are paying not only for a beautiful fence but also for a friendly, efficient representative from the company. All of these factors are crucial when selecting the ideal Philadelphia Fence Company to fit your needs. At Pinecrest Fence Company, we provide all of these high quality services-and more. Give us a call today to get your new, beautiful fence in the process of being built.
Philadelphia Fence Installation

When you are looking for someone to help you with your Philadelphia Fence Installation, you need to look no further than the professionals down at Pinecrest Fence Company. Serving the greater Philadelphia area, we provide high quality, efficient fence services with only the friendliest representatives. We provide a variety of Philadelphia Fence Installation services. A few of these include wooden fences, chain link fences, vinyl fences, and temporary fences. We also build gorgeous split rail fences to surround your farm with or just for that country charm around your home. No matter what style or size fence you need, and regardless of the use-be it crowd control or privacy-we have you covered from start to finish. Always hire a company that is skilled in Philadelphia Fence Installation to ensure that you are getting only the best services for your money, and a beautiful fence to boot. Give Pinecrest Fence Company a call today and let us get started on your new Philadelphia Fence Installation.


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