Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Does putting a fence on your property, increase the value?

A. Did you know that fencing is one of the best ways to increase your home’s value ? In fact, NOT having a fence is among the biggest threats to your home’s resale value according to the MSN Real Estate website. A realtor will tell you, a home without a fence and landscaping is just a house.

Q. We want to install a fence around our one-acre lot. How much fencing will that require?

A. It depends on the shape of your property, but if square you will need an estimated 835 feet of fence. When consider high linear footage, we recommend chain link fencing, our most economical option.

Q. We plan to add a swimming pool to our backyard. Do we need a fence around it, even though we don’t have any young children in the home?

A. Yes. Not only is a pool fence or other enclosure a safety measure, it is also a legal obligation. The City of Philadelphia requires an enclosure around all swimming pools with a depth of more than six inches. The pool fence or enclosure must be at least four feet high with no opening, holes or gaps more than four inches. Gates must be equipped with self-closing and self-latching devices attached to the upper quarter of the gate.

Quick Contact

Q. I’m installing a fence in Philadelphia and want to make sure I don’t hit a gas line when digging. Is there a number I can call?

A. Yes. Call 811. Feel free to call our office for assistance.

Q. We want to install a fence to contain two large dogs. What height fence should we use?

A. We recommend a fence at least six feet high to contain a large dog. For smaller dogs, a four-foot fence should work. Other factors to consider are if the dogs are able to dig underneath or slip through the fence. For dog runs or enclosures, we recommend a wrought iron fence.

Q. What type of nails do you use when installing?

A. When considering a wood fence, we use hot dipped galvanized ring shank nails. Stainless steel nails are also an option.

Q. Does Pinecrest Fence sell fence supplies to the general public?

A. Yes. We are your one-stop fence supply, offering any parts and materials you need for a fence. If you are unsure what parts you need or need pricing, a representative will be happy to help you. Purchasing fence supplies in the Philadelphia area? Pinecrest Fence Company delivers!

Q. My business is located in Montgomery County, PA. Do you install commercial fences in that area?

A. Yes! Pinecrest Fence Company installs residential and commercial fences throughout all of Philadelphia, Montgomery County, & Bucks County. Please visit our servicing area page to get a list of cities and zip codes that we cover.

Q. Do you provide quotes over the phone or will someone come to my property and give an estimate?

A. We do both. If you only need a quote over the phone, we can provide one. If you prefer a representative visit you and give a quote, we will be happy to schedule an appointment.

Q. What type of warranty do you offer?

A. Since 1986, Pinecrest Fence Company of Philadelphia has been serving the Montgomery County, Bucks County, and Philadelphia area. We are proud to provide our clients with the best materials and workmanship. We stand behind our name, and do not leave any customer unsatisfied.

The warranty on our workmanship for fence installation is for one year; specialty items have 90 days. Some our products carry manufacturer’s warranties, please ask your sales representative for more information.

Have other questions about a fence in Philadelphia or the surrounding area? Please contact Pinecrest Fence.


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